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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
README see: 135 Bytes
genstubs.pl 3.0 kB
moz.build 465 Bytes
nsXPTCUtils.h A helper class that initializes an xptcall helper at construction * and releases it at destruction. 1.1 kB
porting.html xptcall Porting Guide 9.2 kB
status.html xptcall Porting Status 17.5 kB
xptcall.cpp entry point wrappers. 1.8 kB
xptcall.h Public declarations for xptcall. 5.5 kB
xptcprivate.h All the xptcall private declarations - only include locally. 2.0 kB
xptcstubsdecl.inc generated file - DO NOT EDIT 29.1 kB
xptcstubsdef.inc 3.9 kB