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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ARIAGridAccessibleWrap.cpp ARIAGridAccessible 1.5 kB
ARIAGridAccessibleWrap.h public ARIAGridAccessible 2.0 kB
AccessibleWrap.cpp For documentation of the accessibility architecture, * see http://lxr.mozilla.org/seamonkey/source/ 52.9 kB
AccessibleWrap.h public Accessible 11.9 kB
ApplicationAccessibleWrap.cpp ApplicationAccessible 3.4 kB
ApplicationAccessibleWrap.h public ApplicationAccessible 1.5 kB
Compatibility.cpp String versions of consumer flags. See GetHumanReadableConsumersStr. 13.6 kB
Compatibility.h Used to get compatibility modes. Note, modes are computed at accessibility * start up time and aren 3.2 kB
CompatibilityUIA.cpp 11.4 kB
DocAccessibleWrap.cpp 7.3 kB
DocAccessibleWrap.h public DocAccessible 1.9 kB
EnumVariant.cpp 2.3 kB
EnumVariant.h Used to fetch accessible children. 1.7 kB
GeckoCustom.cpp 1.6 kB
GeckoCustom.h a dumpster to put things exposed by the xpcom API but not a windows platform * API for the purposes 1.6 kB
HTMLTableAccessibleWrap.cpp HTMLTableAccessible 2.1 kB
HTMLTableAccessibleWrap.h public HTMLTableAccessible 2.4 kB
HTMLWin32ObjectAccessible.cpp 3.1 kB
HTMLWin32ObjectAccessible.h public DummyAccessible 2.4 kB
HyperTextAccessibleWrap.cpp HyperTextAccessible 2.1 kB
HyperTextAccessibleWrap.h public HyperTextAccessible 1.3 kB
IUnknownImpl.cpp 774 Bytes
IUnknownImpl.h 6.0 kB
ImageAccessibleWrap.cpp ImageAccessible 597 Bytes
ImageAccessibleWrap.h public ImageAccessible 906 Bytes
LazyInstantiator.cpp static 20.5 kB
LazyInstantiator.h LazyInstantiator is an IAccessible that initially acts as a placeholder. * The a11y service is not 5.1 kB
MsaaIdGenerator.cpp 7.8 kB
MsaaIdGenerator.h This class is responsible for generating child IDs used by our MSAA * implementation. Since e10s re 1.9 kB
NtUndoc.h 2.4 kB
Platform.cpp 12.2 kB
RootAccessibleWrap.cpp 6.2 kB
RootAccessibleWrap.h public RootAccessible 2.0 kB
ServiceProvider.cpp 3.9 kB
ServiceProvider.h 1.0 kB
TextLeafAccessibleWrap.cpp 757 Bytes
TextLeafAccessibleWrap.h public TextLeafAccessible 910 Bytes
XULListboxAccessibleWrap.cpp XULListboxAccessible 1.0 kB
XULListboxAccessibleWrap.h public XULListboxAccessible 1.1 kB
XULMenuAccessibleWrap.cpp 2.2 kB
XULMenuAccessibleWrap.h 994 Bytes
XULTreeGridAccessibleWrap.cpp XULTreeGridAccessible 1.4 kB
XULTreeGridAccessibleWrap.h public XULTreeGridAccessible 2.2 kB
moz.build 2.2 kB
nsEventMap.h 9.5 kB
nsWinUtils.cpp WindowProc to process WM_GETOBJECT messages, used in windows emulation mode. 5.8 kB
nsWinUtils.h 3.0 kB