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META.yml 86 Bytes
README.md The `shapedetection-helpers.js` tests require implementations of 1.7 kB
detected-boundingBox-read-only.https.html 1.7 kB
detected-postMessage.https.html 2.9 kB
detection-HTMLCanvasElement.https.html 3.1 kB
detection-HTMLImageElement.https.html 2.7 kB
detection-HTMLVideoElement.https.html 2.1 kB
detection-ImageBitmap.https.html 2.2 kB
detection-ImageData-detached.https.html 906 Bytes
detection-ImageData.https.html 2.3 kB
detection-getSupportedFormats.https.html 684 Bytes
detection-on-worker.https.worker.js 1.5 kB
detection-options.https.html 2.4 kB
detection-security-test.https.html 2.4 kB
detector-same-object.https.html 2.2 kB
idlharness.https.any.js 1.9 kB
shapedetection-cross-origin.sub.https.html 2.2 kB
shapedetection-empty-input.https.html 934 Bytes