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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
inert-does-not-match-disabled-selector.tentative.html 618 Bytes
inert-in-shadow-dom.tentative.html inert on Shadow host affects content in shadow 1.8 kB
inert-inlines.tentative.html inert inlines 1.9 kB
inert-label-focus.tentative.html inert with label/for 1.9 kB
inert-node-is-uneditable.tentative.html inert nodes are uneditable 1.4 kB
inert-node-is-unfocusable.tentative.html inert nodes are unfocusable 3.0 kB
inert-node-is-unselectable.tentative.html inert nodes are unselectable 604 Bytes
inert-on-slots.tentative.html inert inside ShadowRoot affects slotted content 1.8 kB
inert-retargeting-iframe.tentative.html 9.0 kB
inert-retargeting.tentative.html 9.1 kB