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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
state.tentative Tests for [Custom State Pseudo Class](https://wicg.github.io/custom-state-pseudo-class/)
CustomElementRegistry.html Custom Elements: CustomElementRegistry interface 38.1 kB
Document-createElement-svg.svg 1.1 kB
Document-createElement.html Custom Elements: document.createElement should create an element with synchronous custom elements fl 18.4 kB
Document-createElementNS.html Custom Elements: document.createElementNS should support custom elements 3.6 kB
HTMLElement-attachInternals.html 3.4 kB
HTMLElement-constructor.html Custom Elements: HTMLElement must allow subclassing 11.2 kB
META.yml 166 Bytes
adopted-callback.html Custom Elements: adoptedCallback 7.7 kB
attribute-changed-callback.html Custom Elements: attributeChangedCallback 13.5 kB
builtin-coverage.html 8.2 kB
connected-callbacks-html-fragment-parsing.html Custom Elements: the HTML fragment parsing algorithm must not create a custom element synchronously 1.9 kB
connected-callbacks.html Custom Elements: connectedCallback 3.8 kB
custom-element-reaction-queue.html Custom Elements: Each element must have its own custom element reaction queue 7.1 kB
disconnected-callbacks.html Custom Elements: disconnectedCallback 4.0 kB
enqueue-custom-element-callback-reactions-inside-another-callback.html Custom Elements: must enqueue an element on the appropriate element queue after checking callback is 9.5 kB
historical.html Custom Elements v0 features 1.4 kB
microtasks-and-constructors.html Custom elements: performing a microtask checkpoint after construction 3.5 kB
perform-microtask-checkpoint-before-construction.html Custom Elements: create an element for a token must perform a microtask checkpoint 6.3 kB
pseudo-class-defined.html 5.0 kB
range-and-constructors.html Custom elements: Range APIs should invoke constructor in tree order 1.7 kB
reaction-timing.html Custom Elements: Custom element reactions must be invoked before returning to author scripts 4.2 kB
throw-on-dynamic-markup-insertion-counter-construct.html Custom Elements: create an element for a token must increment and decrement document's throw-on-dyna 7.0 kB
throw-on-dynamic-markup-insertion-counter-reactions.html Custom Elements: create an element for a token must increment and decrement document's throw-on-dyna 7.4 kB
upgrading.html Custom Elements: Enqueue a custom element upgrade reaction 13.3 kB