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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
304.htm 304 Responses 3.4 kB
META.yml 132 Bytes
README.md Tests for the [Fetch Standard](https://fetch.spec.whatwg.org/). 200 Bytes
access-control-expose-headers-parsing.window.js 701 Bytes
basic.htm 2.2 kB
client-hint-request-headers-2.tentative.htm 1.5 kB
client-hint-request-headers.htm 2.0 kB
cors-safelisted-request-header.any.js 1.6 kB
credentials-flag.htm widthCredentials 4.4 kB
image-tainting-in-cross-origin-iframe.sub.html 893 Bytes
late-upload-events.htm 1.4 kB
origin.htm should be 4.7 kB
preflight-cache.htm Cache 4.7 kB
preflight-failure.htm Redirection with preflights. 1.9 kB
redirect-origin.htm 6.9 kB
redirect-preflight-2.htm 2.2 kB
redirect-preflight.htm Redirection after successfull (200) preflight. 1.5 kB
redirect-userinfo.htm 3.4 kB
remote-origin.htm 3.8 kB
request-headers.htm Request Headers 2.9 kB
response-headers.htm Response Headers 4.0 kB
script-304.html 1.1 kB
simple-requests-ch.tentative.htm 1.8 kB
simple-requests.htm 3.2 kB
status-async.htm 4.5 kB
status-preflight.htm method code 2.0 kB
status.htm status 2.5 kB
support.js This subdomain should point to this same location 597 Bytes