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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
cross-global-revoke.sub.html 2.3 kB
multi-global-origin-serialization.sub.html Blob URL serialization (specifically the origin) in multi-global situations 873 Bytes
sandboxed-iframe.html FileAPI Test: Verify behavior of Blob URL in unique origins 1.0 kB
unicode-origin.sub.html FileAPI Test: Verify origin of Blob URL 965 Bytes
url-format.any.js 2.3 kB
url-in-tags-revoke.window.js 4.2 kB
url-in-tags.window.js 1.8 kB
url-lifetime.html 1.9 kB
url-reload.window.js 1.2 kB
url-with-fetch.any.js 1.7 kB
url-with-xhr.any.js 2.1 kB
url_createobjecturl_file-manual.html FileAPI Test: Creating Blob URL with File 1.3 kB
url_createobjecturl_file_img-manual.html FileAPI Test: Creating Blob URL with File as image source 898 Bytes
url_xmlhttprequest_img-ref.html FileAPI Reference File 331 Bytes
url_xmlhttprequest_img.html FileAPI Test: Creating Blob URL via XMLHttpRequest as image source 844 Bytes