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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
MockColorPicker.jsm 3.8 kB
MockFilePicker.jsm globals __URI__ 9.4 kB
MockPermissionPrompt.jsm 2.6 kB
SpecialPowersChild.jsm This code is loaded in every child process that is started by mochitest. 72.4 kB
SpecialPowersEventUtils.jsm Loads a stub copy of EventUtils.js which can be used by things like * content tasks without holding 1.2 kB
SpecialPowersParent.jsm 37.1 kB
SpecialPowersSandbox.jsm This modules handles creating and provisioning Sandboxes for * executing cross-process code from Sp 3.5 kB
WrapPrivileged.jsm This module handles wrapping privileged objects so that they can be exposed * to unprivileged conte 12.8 kB