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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
__init__.py Mozlog aims to standardize log handling and formatting within Mozilla. It implements a JSON-based s 1.1 kB
capture.py Wrapper for file like objects to redirect output to logger instead 2.8 kB
commandline.py a subset of formatters for non test harnesses related applications 12.7 kB
logtypes.py 8.5 kB
proxy.py A ProxyLogger behaves like a :class:`mozlog.structuredlog.StructuredLogger`. Each method an 2.4 kB
reader.py Return a generator that will return the entries in a structured log file. Note that the caller m 2.9 kB
stdadapter.py Adapter for stdlib logging so that it produces structured messages rather than standard logging 1.3 kB
structuredlog.py 24.4 kB