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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Makefile 1.9 kB
baddbdir.c Regression test for bug 495097. * * NSS_InitReadWrite("sql:<dbdir>") should fail with SEC_ERROR_BA 949 Bytes
conflict.c This test verifies that NSS public headers don't conflict with common * identifier names. 615 Bytes
dertimetest.c 3.4 kB
encodeinttest.c XXX NSS doesn't generate the shortest encoding for negative values. 1.6 kB
manifest.mn 646 Bytes
nonspr10.c This test verifies that NSS public headers can be compiled with no * NSPR 1.0 support. 1.8 kB
remtest.c Sample client side test program that uses SSL and NSS ** 3.5 kB
secmodtest.c Regression test for bug 588269 * * SECMOD_CloseUserDB should properly close the user DB, and it sh 2.9 kB
tests.gyp 2.1 kB
tests.gyp 2.1 kB