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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
__init__.py 0 Bytes
buildlist.py Given a file |listFile| containing one entry per line, add each entry in |entries| to the file, 1.5 kB
check_binary.py 11.9 kB
download_wpt_manifest.py 601 Bytes
dump_env.py 632 Bytes
dumpsymbols.py 4.3 kB
exe_7z_archive.py 1.9 kB
exe_7z_extract.py 700 Bytes
fat_aar.py Fetch and unpack architecture-specific Maven zips, verify cross-architecture compatibility, and read 6.4 kB
file_generate.py 5.2 kB
generate_searchjson.py 2.8 kB
generate_symbols_file.py 3.3 kB
install.py 631 Bytes
jar_maker.py 403 Bytes
l10n_merge.py 1.3 kB
langpack_manifest.py 15.3 kB
make_dmg.py 1.3 kB
make_unzip.py 612 Bytes
make_zip.py 670 Bytes
node.py %s is not in SCRIPT_ALLOWLIST in python/mozbuild/mozbuild/action/node.py. Using NodeJS from moz.buil 4.6 kB
output_searchplugins_list.py 1.1 kB
package_generated_sources.py 1.4 kB
preprocessor.py 592 Bytes
process_define_files.py WebRTC files like to define WINVER and _WIN32_WINNT via the command line 4.2 kB
process_install_manifest.py 3.8 kB
symbols_archive.py 1.9 kB
test_archive.py 26.5 kB
tooltool.py PACKAGE 46.7 kB
unpack_dmg.py 1.1 kB
webidl.py Perform WebIDL code generation required by the build system. 560 Bytes
wrap_rustc.py 2.8 kB
xpccheck.py A generic script to verify all test files are in the corresponding .ini file. Usage: xpccheck.py <d 2.9 kB
xpidl-process.py 4.7 kB
zip.py 1.7 kB