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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ActiveLayerTracker.cpp This tracks the state of a frame that may need active layers due to * ongoing content changes or st 21.5 kB
ActiveLayerTracker.h This class receives various notifications about style changes and content * changes that affect lay 6.4 kB
BorderCache.h 1.8 kB
BorderConsts.h 807 Bytes
DashedCornerFinder.cpp 12.6 kB
DashedCornerFinder.h 9.7 kB
DisplayItemClip.cpp 18.0 kB
DisplayItemClip.h An DisplayItemClip represents the intersection of an optional rectangle * with a list of rounded re 7.2 kB
DisplayItemClipChain.cpp static 3.1 kB
DisplayItemClipChain.h A DisplayItemClipChain is a linked list of DisplayItemClips where each clip * is associated with an 3.6 kB
DisplayListChecker.cpp 12.4 kB
DisplayListChecker.h 1.4 kB
DisplayListClipState.cpp 5.7 kB
DisplayListClipState.h All clip coordinates are in appunits relative to the reference frame * for the display item we're b 9.9 kB
DottedCornerFinder.cpp 16.9 kB
DottedCornerFinder.h 14.1 kB
FrameLayerBuilder.cpp 285.4 kB
FrameLayerBuilder.h 28.6 kB
LayerState.h uint8_t 785 Bytes
MaskLayerImageCache.cpp 1.9 kB
MaskLayerImageCache.h Keeps a record of image containers for mask layers, containers are mapped * from the rounded rects 8.8 kB
MatrixStack.h MatrixStack stores a stack of matrices and keeps track of the accumulated * transform matrix. 1.6 kB
PaintTracker.cpp 441 Bytes
PaintTracker.h 826 Bytes
RetainedDisplayListBuilder.cpp Code for doing display list building for a modified subset of the window, * and then merging it int 57.0 kB
RetainedDisplayListBuilder.h RetainedDisplayListData contains frame invalidation information. It is stored * in root frames, and 8.8 kB
RetainedDisplayListHelpers.h 5.4 kB
TransformClipNode.h TransformClipNode stores a transformation matrix and a post-transform * clip rect. * They can be u 4.2 kB
moz.build 1.9 kB
nsCSSRendering.cpp utility functions for drawing borders and backgrounds 193.3 kB
nsCSSRendering.h utility functions for drawing borders and backgrounds 40.2 kB
nsCSSRenderingBorders.cpp 137.7 kB
nsCSSRenderingBorders.h 12.8 kB
nsCSSRenderingGradients.cpp utility functions for drawing borders and backgrounds 49.1 kB
nsCSSRenderingGradients.h 4.3 kB
nsDisplayItemTypes.h It's useful to be able to dynamically check the type of certain items. * Every subclass of nsDispla 2.2 kB
nsDisplayItemTypesList.h 7.9 kB
nsDisplayList.cpp structures that represent things to be painted (ordered in z-order), * used during painting and hit 403.9 kB
nsDisplayList.h structures that represent things to be painted (ordered in z-order), * used during painting and hit 277.8 kB
nsDisplayListArenaTypes.h a list of all types that can be allocated in the display list's nsPresArena, for preprocessing 617 Bytes
nsDisplayListInvalidation.cpp 4.8 kB
nsDisplayListInvalidation.h This stores the geometry of an nsDisplayItem, and the area * that will be affected when painting th 11.4 kB
nsImageRenderer.cpp utility code for drawing images as CSS borders, backgrounds, and shapes. 41.2 kB
nsImageRenderer.h 12.2 kB