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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
cbor-cpp cbor-cpp
winwebauthn # Description
AndroidWebAuthnTokenManager.cpp static 12.7 kB
AndroidWebAuthnTokenManager.h 4.9 kB
AuthenticatorAssertionResponse.cpp 4.0 kB
AuthenticatorAssertionResponse.h AuthenticatorResponse 2.0 kB
AuthenticatorAttestationResponse.cpp AuthenticatorResponse 2.6 kB
AuthenticatorAttestationResponse.h AuthenticatorResponse 1.6 kB
AuthenticatorResponse.cpp 2.1 kB
AuthenticatorResponse.h public nsISupports 1.5 kB
PWebAuthnTransaction.ipdl IPC Transaction protocol for the WebAuthn DOM API. This IPC protocol allows * the content process t 4.3 kB
PublicKeyCredential.cpp Credential 4.6 kB
PublicKeyCredential.h 2.1 kB
U2FHIDTokenManager.cpp 13.4 kB
U2FHIDTokenManager.h U2FHIDTokenManager is a Rust implementation of a secure token manager * for the U2F and WebAuthn AP 4.8 kB
U2FSoftTokenManager.cpp 36.4 kB
U2FSoftTokenManager.h U2FSoftTokenManager is a software implementation of a secure token manager * for the U2F and WebAut 1.8 kB
U2FTokenManager.cpp Statics ********************************************************************* 17.9 kB
U2FTokenManager.cpp Statics ********************************************************************* 17.9 kB
U2FTokenManager.h Parent process manager for U2F and WebAuthn API transactions. Handles process * transactions from a 4.1 kB
U2FTokenTransport.h Abstract class representing a transport manager for U2F Keys (software, * bluetooth, usb, etc.). Hi 1.4 kB
WebAuthnCBORUtil.cpp 3.9 kB
WebAuthnCBORUtil.h Serialize and deserialize CBOR data formats for WebAuthn 1.1 kB
WebAuthnCoseIdentifiers.h 723 Bytes
WebAuthnManager.cpp 27.9 kB
WebAuthnManager.h 5.1 kB
WebAuthnManagerBase.cpp mParent 4.5 kB
WebAuthnManagerBase.h public nsIDOMEventListener 2.0 kB
WebAuthnTransactionChild.cpp 3.3 kB
WebAuthnTransactionChild.h Child process IPC implementation for WebAuthn API. Receives results of * WebAuthn transactions from 2.1 kB
WebAuthnTransactionParent.cpp 3.7 kB
WebAuthnTransactionParent.h Parent process IPC implementation for WebAuthn and U2F API. Receives * authentication data to be ei 1.5 kB
WebAuthnUtil.cpp 14.5 kB
WebAuthnUtil.h Utility functions used by both WebAuthnManager and U2FTokenManager. 3.7 kB
WinWebAuthnManager.cpp WinWebAuthnManager Implementation ***************************************************************** 27.8 kB
WinWebAuthnManager.h 2.0 kB
moz.build 2.2 kB
nsIU2FTokenManager.idl nsISupports 1.3 kB