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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
@types # TypeScript @types
aboutprofiling # about:profiling
components # Performance New Components
popup # Profiler Popup
store # Performance New Store
.eslintrc.js 375 Bytes
README.md # Performance New 3.9 kB
browser.js specific functionality 10.2 kB
frame-script.js global content 6.5 kB
index.xhtml 889 Bytes
initializer.js exported gInit, gDestroy, loader 5.4 kB
moz.build 703 Bytes
package.json 332 Bytes
panel.js which uses a common API for DevTools to 2.4 kB
preference-management.js @typedef {import("./@types/perf").RecordingStateFromPreferences} RecordingStateFromPreferences 2.1 kB
symbolication.jsm.js @typedef {import("./@types/perf").Library} Library * @typedef {import("./@types/perf").PerfFront} P 7.8 kB
tsconfig.json 827 Bytes
typescript-lazy-load.jsm.js TypeScript can't understand the lazyRequireGetter mechanism, due to how it defines * properties as 1.6 kB
typescript.md 1.7 kB
utils.js @typedef {import("./@types/perf").NumberScaler} NumberScaler * @typedef {import("./@types/perf").Sc 12.3 kB
yarn.lock 4.4 kB