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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
browser-toolbox # Browser Toolbox
browser-menus.js This module inject dynamically menu items into browser UI. * * Menu definitions are fetched from: 8.6 kB
devtools-browser.js This is the main module loaded in Firefox desktop that handles browser * windows and coordinates de 25.8 kB
devtools.js startup 25.8 kB
enable-devtools-popup.js Helper dedicated to toggle a popup triggered by pressing F12 if DevTools have * never been opened b 2.1 kB
menu-item.js A partial implementation of the MenuItem API provided by electron: * https://github.com/electron/el 2.7 kB
menu.js A partial implementation of the Menu API provided by electron: * https://github.com/electron/electr 6.3 kB
moz.build 1.4 kB
options-panel.css container 3.7 kB
selection.js Selection is a singleton belonging to the Toolbox that manages the current selected * NodeFront. In 7.7 kB
source-map-url-service.js A simple service to track source actors and keep a mapping between * original URLs and objects hold 15.5 kB
store-provider.js 352 Bytes
store.js 500 Bytes
target-from-url.js Construct a Target for a given URL object having various query parameters: * * - host, port & ws: 6.5 kB
target.js Functions for creating Targets 3.6 kB
toolbox-context-menu.js Lazily load strings for the edit menu. 3.0 kB
toolbox-host-manager.js Implement a wrapper on the chrome side to setup a Toolbox within Firefox UI. * * This component ha 9.4 kB
toolbox-hosts.js A host should always allow this much space for the page to be displayed. * There is also a min-heig 10.9 kB
toolbox-init.js eslint-env browser 6.1 kB
toolbox-options.html Toolbox option 8.7 kB
toolbox-options.js 21.9 kB
toolbox-tabs-order-manager.js Manage the order of devtools tabs. 10.4 kB
toolbox-window.xhtml 730 Bytes
toolbox.js 135.6 kB
toolbox.xhtml init 2.3 kB