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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
browser_detection.php this is currently set to accept 9 parameters, although you can add as many as you want: 1. safe - r 17.0 kB
class_rdf_parser.php A port to PHP of the Repat an RDF parser 45.7 kB
commenthelpful.php 4.2 kB
config.php 3.0 kB
dbconfig.php 2.3 kB
inc_browserdetection.php 6.5 kB
inc_footer.php 2.1 kB
inc_global.php - Stuff that needs to be done globally to all of Mozilla Update 9.5 kB
inc_guids.php 2.2 kB
inc_header.php 5.2 kB
install.php 6.2 kB
postfeedback.php 6.8 kB
reportcomment.php 3.7 kB