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Bear's Todo List:

  * Integrate SVN for blame column - bug 303333
  * Allow Tinderbox2 to use a Bonsai on another computer - bug 237289
  * Bring perl code up to some of the newer Mozilla styles
  * Create more export streams - rdf, atom feed, pub/sub???

Original Todo list:

It would be really nice if CVS/Bonsai could mail tinderbox the updates
which apply to the branches of interest, then tinderbox would not have
to poll and it would get the branch information which it needs.

I would be interested in a module VCDisplay module to work with this
bonsai work alike tool http://viewcvs.sourceforge.net/ but I do not
have time not to investigate it. This should be simple to code once
viewcvs is setup, it may even be exactly the same as

I had one user who used the new Perforce modules but they reported
problems with the data gathering capability.  They did not give me
enough info to fix the problem. Any help here would be apreciated.
VCDisplay::Perforce_P4DB appears to work.

I would like to have a compression library which can be used to
compress and uncompress logs so that the transit of those logs is
compressed.  The difficulty here is that the library should be
flexible.  Perhaps the build machines do not have the perl compression
libraries but do have the compression binaries it may be the reverse
situatuation on the server.  Also We should support many kinds of
compression/encryption (uuencode, ascii armor) and other data
transforms so that users can configure the mail to use compression
followed by pgp followed by ascii armor or something like that.