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Mercurial (495129e490bc)

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<table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2 width="100%">
  <tr bgcolor="#F38C00">
    <th width="1%">&nbsp;</th>
    <th width="1%" nowrap align=left>Name</th>
    <th width="1%" nowrap align=right>Size</th>
    <th width="1%" nowrap align=left>Date (GMT)</th>
    <th width="96%" nowrap align=left>Description</th>
  <tr bgcolor="$bgcolor" valign=top>
    <td nowrap valign=top align=right>$iconlink</td>
    <td nowrap valign=top align=left>$namelink </td>
    <td nowrap valign=top align=right>$filesize{$kbytes} </td>
    <td nowrap valign=top align=right><font size="-1">$modtime</font> </td>
    <td valign=top align=left>$description{<i>$desctext</i>}