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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
__init__.py 19 Bytes
buildbot.png 783 Bytes
buildset.py I represent a set of potential Builds, all of the same source tree, across a specified list of B 3.3 kB
buildslave.py This is the master-side representative for a remote buildbot slave. There is exactly one for eac 14.5 kB
dnotify.py This object watches a directory for changes. The .callback attribute should be set to a func 3.4 kB
interfaces.py Interface documentation. Define the interfaces that are implemented by various buildbot classes. 46.8 kB
locks.py Class handling claiming and releasing of L{self}, and keeping track of current and waiting owner 9.6 kB
manhole.py telnet 9.9 kB
master.py This is the master-side service which manages remote buildbot slaves. It provides them with Buil 35.6 kB
pbutil.py Base classes handy for use with PB clients. 5.5 kB
scheduler.py A Schduler creates BuildSets and submits them to the BuildMaster. @ivar name: name of the sched 29.0 kB
sourcestamp.py This is a tuple of (branch, revision, patchspec, changes). C{branch} is always valid, although 3.8 kB
util.py Returns a sorted copy of l, so that numbers in strings are sorted in the proper order. e.g. 2.8 kB