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This directory is for miscellaneous tools associated with mozilla.

Table of Contents

* cvs.py
    A python script to checkout trees with multiple threads.
    Works on Unix and Windows. I have not tested the Mac.
    With this script, pulls can take five minutes instead of twenty.
    Of course, this script pounds the cvs server three times as hard,
    so use it with discretion.

* trees.pl (a.k.a moz)
    A perl script to navigate mozilla source trees.
    Run trees -h for usage. You will probably need to copy 'trees.pl' into
    your home directory somewhere (Just be careful to keep it up to date).
    Wrap 'trees.pl' in a shell alias called 'moz' to let you do things like,
      moz gecko webshell   - cd to webshell directory in gecko tree
      moz gecko2           - cd to same directory in gecko2 tree
      moz /                - cd to the root of the tree
      moz -o               - cd to the same subdir in the object directory

* mozilla/tools/build
    This directory is for tools that facilitate the building of the
    mozilla source code (the browser, the sdks, etc.).

* mozilla/tools/project-editor
    CGI interface to Machintosh Project Editor

* mozilla/tools/tests
    <synopsis: write me>

* mozilla/tools/tinderbox
    Scripts associated with the client-side of tinderbox.
    (scripts to checkout, build, and report the status of the tree to a
     tinderbox server.)

* lots of other stuff (need documentation!)