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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ecl ***** BEGIN LICENSE BLOCK *****
mpi ***** BEGIN LICENSE BLOCK *****
Makefile 20.6 kB
aeskeywrap.c implement AES Key Wrap algorithm from RFC 3394 10.3 kB
alg2268.c implementation of the algorithm in RFC 2268 13.0 kB
alghmac.c 4.3 kB
alghmac.h destroy HMAC context 1.9 kB
arcfive.c stubs for RC5 - NOT a working implementation 2.7 kB
arcfour-amd64-gas.s 2.5 kB
arcfour-amd64-masm.asm 3.9 kB
arcfour-amd64-sun.s 2.4 kB
arcfour.c the arc four algorithm 16.6 kB
blapi.h v 1 51.7 kB
blapii.h private data structures and prototypes for the crypto library 1.0 kB
blapit.h public data structures for the crypto library 12.1 kB
camellia.c v 1 63.2 kB
camellia.h v 1 1.5 kB
config.mk 2.5 kB
ctr.c void 4.4 kB
ctr.h void 1.4 kB
cts.c PRBool freeit 10.7 kB
cts.h PRBool freeit 1.1 kB
des.c 150 library 25.4 kB
des.h 150 library 1.1 kB
desblapi.c Intel X86 CPUs do unaligned loads and stores without complaint. 7.1 kB
dh.c v 1 11.5 kB
drbg.c v 1 31.4 kB
dsa.c v 1 18.8 kB
ec.c Returns true if pointP is the point at infinity, false otherwise 30.6 kB
ec.h 394 Bytes
freebl.def 1.2 kB
freebl.rc 1.9 kB
freebl_hash.def 1.4 kB
freeblver.c Library identity and versioning 786 Bytes
gcm.c unsigned char 24.6 kB
gcm.h PRBool freeit 1.1 kB
genload.c This file is meant to be included by other .c files. * This file takes a "parameter", the scope whi 5.4 kB
hmacct.c MAX_HASH_BIT_COUNT_BYTES is the maximum number of bytes in the hash's length * field. (SHA-384/512 12.4 kB
hmacct.h 1.0 kB
intel-aes.h Prototypes of the functions defined in the assembler file. 5.0 kB
intel-aes.s in %rdi : the key in %rsi : buffer for expanded key 100.5 kB
intel-gcm-wrap.c Copyright(c) 2013, Intel Corp. 6.8 kB
intel-gcm.h This submission to NSS is to be made available under the terms of the 4.1 kB
intel-gcm.s 32.8 kB
jpake.c Hash an item's length and then its value. Only items smaller than 2^16 bytes * are allowed. Lengths 14.0 kB
ldvector.c platform dependent DSO containing freebl implementation 5.5 kB
loader.c load platform dependent DSO containing freebl implementation 51.1 kB
loader.h load platform dependent DSO containing freebl implementation 23.4 kB
manifest.mn 3.0 kB
md2.c 6.5 kB
md5.c 14.7 kB
mknewpc2.c two 28-bit registers defined in key schedule production process 5.8 kB
mksp.c sboxes - the tables for the s-box functions * from FIPS 46, pages 15-16. 3.8 kB
nsslowhash.c v 1 10.9 kB
nsslowhash.h Provide FIPS validated hashing for applications that only need hashing. * NOTE: mac'ing requires ke 1.2 kB
os2_rand.c 8.0 kB
pqg.c v 1 59.7 kB
pqg.h pqg.h * * header file for pqg functions exported just to freebl 963 Bytes
rawhash.c 5.0 kB
ret_cr16.s ENTRY 629 Bytes
rijndael.c v 1 37.9 kB
rijndael.h v 1 2.3 kB
rijndael32.tab 79.0 kB
rijndael_tables.c v 1 9.0 kB
rsa.c v 1 49.4 kB
secmpi.h 1.5 kB
secrng.h public data structures and prototypes for the secure random 2.0 kB
seed.c 24.8 kB
seed.h 3.8 kB
sha-fast-amd64-sun.s 36.8 kB
sha256.h 544 Bytes
sha512.c implementation of SHA224 39.8 kB
sha_fast.c SHA: initialize context 14.7 kB
sha_fast.h 4.2 kB
shsign.h v 1 512 Bytes
shvfy.c v 1 12.9 kB
stubs.c Allow freebl and softoken to be loaded without util or NSPR. * * These symbols are overridden once 15.3 kB
stubs.h Allow freebl and softoken to be loaded without util or NSPR. * * These symbols are overridden once 2.0 kB
sysrand.c Normal RNG_SystemRNG() isn't available, use the system noise to collect * the required amount of en 998 Bytes
tlsprfalg.c TLS Pseudo Random Function 3.9 kB
unix_rand.c When copying data to the buffer we want the least signicant bytes * from the input since those bits 26.3 kB
win_rand.c 12.4 kB