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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
head_addrbook.js 243 Bytes
test_basic_nsIAbCard.js Test suite for basic nsIAbCard functions. 3.2 kB
test_basic_nsIAbDirectory.js Test suite for basic address book functions - tests obtaining the (default) * personal address book 3.8 kB
test_cardForEmail.js Tests nsIAbMDBDirectory::cardForEmailAddress * - checks correct return when no email address suppli 1.7 kB
test_collection.js Test suite for the Address Collecter Service. * * XXX Todo: May still need to add test for * nsIA 11.6 kB
test_ldap1.js Test suite for basic LDAP address book functions 4.4 kB
test_mailList1.js Test suite for mailing list functions. * * This suite relies on abLists1.mab. checkLists requires 2.5 kB
test_nsAbAutoCompleteMyDomain.js null 3.5 kB
test_nsAbAutoCompleteSearch1.js First test suite for nsAbAutoCompleteSearch - tests searching in address * books for autocomplete m 10.7 kB
test_nsAbAutoCompleteSearch2.js Second Test suite for nsAbAutoCompleteSearch - test follow-on lookup after * a previous search. * 5.2 kB
test_nsAbAutoCompleteSearch3.js Third Test suite for nsAbAutoCompleteSearch - test for duplicate elimination 3.4 kB
test_nsAbManager1.js Test suite for nsAbManager functions relating to listeners. 3.1 kB
test_nsAbManager2.js Test suite for nsAbManager functions relating to add/delete directories and * getting the list of d 4.8 kB
test_nsIAbCard.js Test suite for more complicated nsIAbCard functions. * * XXX At the moment these just check the fu 7.3 kB