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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
motif This directory contains files relating to allowing webclient to run on
.cvsignore 10 Bytes
AjaxListener.cpp 10.4 kB
AjaxListener.h public nsIObserver 1.6 kB
BookmarksImpl.cpp 5.0 kB
CBrowserContainer.cpp 60.1 kB
CBrowserContainer.h 4.9 kB
CurrentPageActionEvents.cpp CurrentPageActionEvents.cpp 17.8 kB
CurrentPageActionEvents.h CurrentPageActionEvents.h 4.4 kB
CurrentPageImpl.cpp CurrentPageImpl.cpp 25.2 kB
EmbedEventListener.cpp 25.1 kB
EmbedEventListener.h public nsIDOMKeyListener 2.8 kB
EmbedProgress.cpp 16.2 kB
EmbedProgress.h public nsIWebProgressListener 1.8 kB
EmbedWindow.cpp 35.3 kB
EmbedWindow.h public nsIWebBrowserChrome 4.4 kB
EventRegistrationImpl.cpp 2.0 kB
HistoryActionEvents.cpp HistoryActionEvents.cpp 6.1 kB
HistoryActionEvents.h nsActions.h 3.4 kB
HistoryImpl.cpp 8.8 kB
HttpHeaderVisitorImpl.cpp nsIHttpHeaderVisitor 2.5 kB
HttpHeaderVisitorImpl.h public nsIHttpHeaderVisitor 1.2 kB
ISupportsPeer.cpp 1.6 kB
InputStreamShim.cpp 15.8 kB
InputStreamShim.h public nsIAsyncInputStream 3.9 kB
LoadCompleteProgressListener.cpp 3.2 kB
LoadCompleteProgressListener.h public nsIWebProgressListener 1.7 kB
Makefile.in 5.6 kB
NativeBrowserControl.cpp 15.0 kB
NativeBrowserControl.h <p>Native analog to BrowserControl. Hosts per-window things. Maps * closely to EmbedPrivate in Gt 4.7 kB
NativeEventThread.cpp 16.6 kB
NativeEventThreadActionEvents.cpp NativeEventThreadActionEvents.cpp 5.9 kB
NativeEventThreadActionEvents.h nsActions.h 2.0 kB
NativeInputStreamImpl.cpp NativeInputStreamImpl.cpp 3.5 kB
NativeWrapperFactory.cpp 7.1 kB
NativeWrapperFactory.h 2.8 kB
NavigationActionEvents.cpp NavigationActionEvents.cpp 11.8 kB
NavigationActionEvents.h nsActions.h 4.6 kB
NavigationImpl.cpp 13.3 kB
PreferencesImpl.cpp 15.5 kB
ProfileManagerImpl.cpp 18.2 kB
PromptActionEvents.cpp PromptActionEvents.cpp 8.7 kB
PromptActionEvents.h nsActions.h 2.9 kB
RDFEnumeration.cpp pull the int for the field nativeEnum from the java object obj. 9.1 kB
RDFTreeNode.cpp 20.7 kB
WindowControlActionEvents.cpp WindowControlActionEvents.cpp 7.0 kB
WindowControlActionEvents.h nsActions.h 3.5 kB
WindowControlImpl.cpp 6.0 kB
WindowCreator.cpp nsIWindowCreator 4.7 kB
WindowCreator.h public nsIWindowCreator2 1.3 kB
WrapperFactoryImpl.cpp 12.5 kB
dom_util.cpp 3.3 kB
dom_util.h Methods to simplify webclient accessing the mozilla DOM. 2.1 kB
install_win32.js 1.6 kB
nsActions.cpp nsActions.cpp 2.1 kB
nsActions.h nsActions.h 3.1 kB
ns_globals.h Global data 1.7 kB
ns_util.cpp a null terminated array of listener interfaces we support. This is * used in NativeEventThread.cpp 6.1 kB
ns_util.h Util methods 4.2 kB
ns_util_export.cpp 2.0 kB
rdf_progids.h 1.2 kB
rdf_util.cpp 19.1 kB
rdf_util.h This file contains references to global RDF resources 2.3 kB
wcIBrowserContainer.h public nsISupports 2.1 kB
wsRDFObserver.cpp 3.4 kB
wsRDFObserver.h 1.3 kB