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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
index.html PCRE specification 5.5 kB
pcre.html pcre specification 13.5 kB
pcre_compile.html pcre_compile specification 3.3 kB
pcre_compile2.html pcre_compile2 specification 3.4 kB
pcre_config.html pcre_config specification 2.4 kB
pcre_copy_named_substring.html pcre_copy_named_substring specification 1.8 kB
pcre_copy_substring.html pcre_copy_substring specification 1.7 kB
pcre_dfa_exec.html pcre_dfa_exec specification 3.9 kB
pcre_exec.html pcre_exec specification 3.4 kB
pcre_free_substring.html pcre_free_substring specification 1.1 kB
pcre_free_substring_list.html pcre_free_substring_list specification 1.1 kB
pcre_fullinfo.html pcre_fullinfo specification 2.6 kB
pcre_get_named_substring.html pcre_get_named_substring specification 1.9 kB
pcre_get_stringnumber.html pcre_get_stringnumber specification 1.5 kB
pcre_get_substring.html pcre_get_substring specification 1.8 kB
pcre_get_substring_list.html pcre_get_substring_list specification 1.8 kB
pcre_info.html pcre_info specification 1.0 kB
pcre_maketables.html pcre_maketables specification 1.3 kB
pcre_refcount.html pcre_refcount specification 1.3 kB
pcre_study.html pcre_study specification 1.7 kB
pcre_version.html pcre_version specification 1.0 kB
pcreapi.html pcreapi specification 87.2 kB
pcrebuild.html pcrebuild specification 11.8 kB
pcrecallout.html pcrecallout specification 8.3 kB
pcrecompat.html pcrecompat specification 6.3 kB
pcrecpp.html pcrecpp specification 14.0 kB
pcregrep.html pcregrep specification 20.1 kB
pcrematching.html pcrematching specification 9.6 kB
pcrepartial.html pcrepartial specification 9.9 kB
pcrepattern.html pcrepattern specification 91.2 kB
pcreperform.html pcreperform specification 6.7 kB
pcreposix.html pcreposix specification 10.1 kB
pcreprecompile.html pcreprecompile specification 6.6 kB
pcresample.html pcresample specification 3.2 kB
pcretest.html pcretest specification 29.3 kB