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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
__init__.py 1.8 kB
avmfeatures.py 6.0 kB
avmshell-common.xcconfig 4.0 kB
avmshell-common32.xcconfig 1.8 kB
avmshell-common64.xcconfig 1.8 kB
avmshell32-debug-debugger.xcconfig 1.9 kB
avmshell32-debug.xcconfig 1.9 kB
avmshell32-release-debugger.xcconfig 1.9 kB
avmshell32-release.xcconfig 1.9 kB
avmshell64-debug-debugger.xcconfig 1.9 kB
avmshell64-debug.xcconfig 1.9 kB
avmshell64-release-debugger.xcconfig 1.9 kB
avmshell64-release.xcconfig 1.9 kB
calcdepends.py 4.9 kB
config.mk 7.2 kB
configuration.py Write some contents to a file. Avoids modifying the file timestamp if the file contents already matc 14.4 kB
cygwin-wrapper.sh 2.1 kB
dependparser.py Pipes stdin | stdout and extracts a list of all header dependencies to a file. 2.2 kB
getopt.py 5.1 kB
process.py 2.0 kB
rules.mk 2.7 kB