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This is mozilla's modified version of the libart source code. The original 
code can be found in the gnome.org cvs repository.

The below notice appears in the gnome.org cvs tree. It isn't a requirement
to submitting a patch to this directory that people assign copyright.  
However, you should be aware of the below if you want your changes to be
accepted into the official libart release. We strongly encourage all
submitted patches (except, obviously, for mozilla-specific build hacks) to
be sent to the maintainer. We don't want to fork the code, but we do want
and need patches so that, for example, SVG can work on the mac.


Welcome to the libart source tree!

This code is being developed in a "free software for sale"
model. Thus, it's available under a free software license (LGPL for
this module), but I'm also requesting that for all changes to the code
the copyright gets assigned back to me.

So if you want to contribute, please do, but contact me about getting
the copyright assigned. Otherwise, I will have to back your changes


Raph Levien <raph@acm.org>