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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Accessible2.idl 11.7 kB
AccessibleAction.idl IUnknown 4.4 kB
AccessibleApplication.idl IUnknown 2.3 kB
AccessibleComponent.idl IUnknown 3.3 kB
AccessibleEditableText.idl IUnknown 5.8 kB
AccessibleEventId.idl 5.1 kB
AccessibleHyperlink.idl IAccessibleAction 4.7 kB
AccessibleHypertext.idl IAccessibleText 3.4 kB
AccessibleImage.idl IUnknown 2.7 kB
AccessibleRelation.idl @defgroup grpRelations Relations Use the following constants to compare against the BSTRs returne 5.0 kB
AccessibleRole.idl Collection of roles. This enumerator defines the set of possible roles of objects implementing th 8.9 kB
AccessibleStates.idl @defgroup grpStates States IAccessible2 state constants. 4.3 kB
AccessibleTable.idl @brief This interface gives access to a two-dimensional table. All accessible objects that 14.2 kB
AccessibleText.idl @brief Defines values to specify a text boundary type. If one of these is not implemented, such as 17.8 kB
AccessibleValue.idl IUnknown 3.6 kB
IA2CommonTypes.idl 2.5 kB
IA2TypeLibrary.idl 1.9 kB