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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
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.cvsignore 68 Bytes
Makefile.in 10.8 kB
Makefile.ref 8.0 kB
README.html JavaScript Reference Implementation (JSRef) README 42.1 kB
SpiderMonkey.rsp 418 Bytes
Y.js 384 Bytes
build.mk 1.8 kB
config.mk 4.9 kB
javascript-trace.d javascript provider probes * * function-entry (filename, classname, funcname) * function-in 3.4 kB
js.c JS shell. 111.6 kB
js.mdp 17.9 kB
js.msg 24.9 kB
js.pkg 48 Bytes
js3240.rc 1.8 kB
jsOS240.def 15.2 kB
jsapi.c JavaScript API. 165.6 kB
jsapi.h JavaScript API. 101.6 kB
jsarena.c Lifetime-based fast allocation, inspired by much prior art, including * "Fast Allocation and Deallo 15.1 kB
jsarena.h Lifetime-based fast allocation, inspired by much prior art, including * "Fast Allocation and Deallo 13.7 kB
jsarray.c 99.8 kB
jsarray.h JS Array interface. 4.6 kB
jsatom.c JS atom table. 34.9 kB
jsatom.h JS atom table. 16.4 kB
jsbit.h A jsbitmap_t is a long integer that can be used for bitmaps 10.5 kB
jsbool.c JS boolean implementation. 5.3 kB
jsbool.h JS boolean interface. 2.6 kB
jsclist.h Circular linked list 4.2 kB
jscntxt.c JS execution context. 40.9 kB
jscntxt.h JS execution context. 41.5 kB
jscompat.h Compatibility glue for various NSPR versions. We must always define int8, * int16, jsword, and so 2.3 kB
jsconfig.h JS configuration macros. 14.5 kB
jsconfig.mk 5.6 kB
jscpucfg.c Generate CPU-specific bit-size and similar #defines. 12.9 kB
jscpucfg.h 6.6 kB
jsdate.c JS date methods. 67.9 kB
jsdate.h JS Date class interface. 4.0 kB
jsdbgapi.c JS debugging API. 51.7 kB
jsdbgapi.h JS debugger API. 16.2 kB
jsdhash.c Double hashing implementation. 28.6 kB
jsdhash.h Double hashing, a la Knuth 6. 25.5 kB
jsdtoa.c Portable double to alphanumeric string and back converters. 90.2 kB
jsdtoa.h Public interface to portable double-precision floating point to string * and back conversion packag 5.9 kB
jsdtracef.c 9.1 kB
jsdtracef.h 2.7 kB
jsemit.c JS bytecode generation. 241.8 kB
jsemit.h JS bytecode generation. 34.9 kB
jsexn.c JS standard exception implementation. 44.9 kB
jsexn.h JS runtime exception classes. 3.8 kB
jsfile.c JS File object 82.5 kB
jsfile.h 2.2 kB
jsfile.msg Error messages for jsfile.c. See js.msg for format specification. 7.3 kB
jsfun.c JS function support. 81.3 kB
jsfun.h JS function definitions. 9.4 kB
jsgc.c JS Mark-and-Sweep Garbage Collector. * * This GC allocates fixed-sized things with sizes up to GC_ 117.3 kB
jsgc.h JS Garbage Collector. 14.4 kB
jshash.c PR hash table package. 13.2 kB
jshash.h API to portable hash table code. 6.0 kB
jsify.pl 9.4 kB
jsinterp.c JavaScript bytecode interpreter. 260.6 kB
jsinterp.h JS interpreter interface. 22.6 kB
jsinvoke.c 1.9 kB
jsiter.c JavaScript iterators. 32.3 kB
jsiter.h JavaScript iterators. 4.2 kB
jskeyword.tbl 6.8 kB
jskwgen.c 13.4 kB
jslibmath.h By default all math calls go to fdlibm. The defines for each platform * remap the math calls to na 7.0 kB
jslock.c JS locking stubs. 38.2 kB
jslock.h 12.5 kB
jslocko.asm 2.3 kB
jslog2.c Compute the log of the least power of 2 greater than or equal to n 2.9 kB
jslong.c Divide 64-bit a by 32-bit b, which must be normalized so its high bit is 1. 7.7 kB
jslong.h Portable access to 64 bit numerics 13.9 kB
jsmath.c JS math package. 15.0 kB
jsmath.h JS math functions. 2.1 kB
jsnum.c JS number type and wrapper class. 34.7 kB
jsnum.h JS number (IEEE double) interface. * * JS numbers are optimistically stored in the top 31 bits of 10.3 kB
jsobj.c JS object implementation. 165.3 kB
jsobj.h JS object definitions. * * A JS object consists of a possibly-shared object descriptor containing 29.4 kB
jsopcode.c JS bytecode descriptors, disassemblers, and decompilers. 184.3 kB
jsopcode.h JS bytecode definitions. 17.4 kB
jsopcode.tbl 30.7 kB
jsotypes.h This section typedefs the old 'native' types to the new PR<type>s. * These definitions are schedule 7.1 kB
jsparse.c JS parser. * * This is a recursive-descent parser for the JavaScript language specified by * "The 216.5 kB
jsparse.h JS parser definitions. 25.6 kB
jsprf.c Portable safe sprintf code. ** ** Author: Kipp E.B. Hickman 32.1 kB
jsprf.h API for PR printf like routines. Supports the following formats ** %d - decimal ** %u - un 6.1 kB
jsproto.tbl 5.5 kB
jsprvtd.h JS private typename definitions. * * This header is included only in other .h files, for convenien 10.8 kB
jspubtd.h JS public API typedefs. 30.1 kB
jsregexp.c JS regular expressions, after Perl. 146.9 kB
jsregexp.h JS regular expression interface. 6.9 kB
jsreops.tbl Note : contiguity of 'simple opcodes' is important for SimpleMatch() 5.8 kB
jsscan.c JS lexical scanner. 62.2 kB
jsscan.h JS lexical scanner interface. 17.0 kB
jsscope.c JS symbol tables. 68.3 kB
jsscope.h JS symbol tables. 20.9 kB
jsscript.c JS script operations. 55.2 kB
jsscript.h JS script descriptor. 11.7 kB
jsshell.msg Error messages for JSShell. See js.msg for format. 2.5 kB
jsstddef.h stddef inclusion here to first declare ptrdif as a signed long instead of a * signed int. 2.7 kB
jsstr.c JS string type implementation. * * In order to avoid unnecessary js_LockGCThing/js_UnlockGCThing c 174.5 kB
jsstr.h JS string type implementation. * * A JS string is a counted array of unicode characters. To suppo 27.0 kB
jstypes.h Definitions of NSPR 16.4 kB
jsutil.c PR assertion checker. 9.6 kB
jsutil.h PR assertion checker. 4.7 kB
jsxdrapi.c 22.5 kB
jsxdrapi.h 7.1 kB
jsxml.c 254.4 kB
jsxml.h 10.7 kB
lock_SunOS.s 4.4 kB
perfect.js 1.2 kB
plify_jsdhash.sed - DO NOT EDIT 1.1 kB
prmjtime.c PR time code. 27.0 kB
prmjtime.h PR date stuff for mocha and java. Placed here temporarily not to break * Navigator and localize cha 3.7 kB
resource.h 395 Bytes
rules.mk 5.4 kB
win32.order 9.3 kB