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# This file describes the stage0 compiler that's used to then bootstrap the Rust
# compiler itself. For the rustbuild build system, this also describes the
# relevant Cargo revision that we're using.
# Currently Rust always bootstraps from the previous stable release, and in our
# train model this means that the master branch bootstraps from beta, beta
# bootstraps from current stable, and stable bootstraps from the previous stable
# release.
# If you're looking at this file on the master branch, you'll likely see that
# rustc and cargo are configured to `beta`, whereas if you're looking at a
# source tarball for a stable release you'll likely see `1.x.0` for rustc and
# `0.(x+1).0` for Cargo where they were released on `date`.

date: 2020-06-03
rustc: beta
cargo: beta

# We use a nightly rustfmt to format the source because it solves some
# bootstrapping issues with use of new syntax in this repo. If you're looking at
# the beta/stable branch, this key should be omitted, as we don't want to depend
# on rustfmt from nightly there.
rustfmt: nightly-2020-04-22

# When making a stable release the process currently looks like:
#   1. Produce stable build, upload it to dev-static
#   2. Produce a beta build from the previous stable build, upload to static
#   3. Produce a nightly build from previous beta, upload to static
#   4. Upload stable build to static, publish full release
# This means that there's a small window of time (a few days) where artifacts
# are downloaded from dev-static.rust-lang.org instead of static.rust-lang.org.
# In order to ease this transition we have an extra key which is in the
# configuration file below. When uncommented this will instruct the bootstrap.py
# script to download from dev-static.rust-lang.org.
# This key is typically commented out at all times. If you're looking at a
# stable release tarball it should *definitely* be commented out. If you're
# looking at a beta source tarball and it's uncommented we'll shortly comment it
# out.

#dev: 1