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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
.cvsignore 9 Bytes
Makefile.in 889 Bytes
prdir.c 3.0 kB
prfdcach.c / /**************************************************************************** 7.6 kB
prfile.c To pick up sysconf 19.6 kB
prio.c / PRLock *_pr_flock_lock; PRCondVar *_pr_flock_cv; #ifdef WINCE /* * There are no stdin, stdout, 7.2 kB
priometh.c / /************************** Invalid I/O method object *********************** 16.5 kB
pripv6.c Support for various functions unique to IPv6 11.3 kB
prlayer.c Routines for handling pushable protocol modules on sockets 20.8 kB
prlog.c Lock used to lock the log. * * We can't define _PR_LOCK_LOG simply as PR_Lock because PR_Lock may 16.6 kB
prmapopt.c This file defines _PR_MapOptionName(). The purpose of putting * _PR_MapOptionName() in a separate 14.7 kB
prmmap.c Memory-mapped files * ********************************************************************* 1.6 kB
prmwait.c 45.8 kB
prpolevt.c Pollable events * * Pollable events are implemented using layered I/O. The only * I/O methods th 6.2 kB
prprf.c Portable safe sprintf code. ** ** Author: Kipp E.B. Hickman 33.1 kB
prscanf.c Scan functions for NSPR types * * Author: Wan-Teh Chang * * Acknowledgment: The implementation i 17.6 kB
prsocket.c / /* These two functions are only used in assertions. 56.5 kB
prstdio.c fprintf to a PRFileDesc 2.0 kB