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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Makefile 3.6 kB
adler32.c - compute the Adler-32 checksum of a data stream 4.6 kB
compress.c - compress a memory buffer 2.6 kB
config.mk 1.9 kB
crc32.c - compute the CRC-32 of a data stream 13.3 kB
crc32.h - tables for rapid CRC calculation 30.6 kB
deflate.c - compress data using the deflation algorithm 64.2 kB
deflate.h - internal compression state 12.2 kB
example.c - usage example of the zlib compression library 16.4 kB
gzio.c - IO on 31.2 kB
infback.c - inflate using a call-back interface 22.2 kB
inffast.c - fast decoding 12.6 kB
inffast.h - header to use inffast 407 Bytes
inffixed.h - table for decoding fixed codes 6.3 kB
inflate.c - zlib decompression 49.0 kB
inflate.h - internal inflate state definition 5.9 kB
inftrees.c - generate Huffman trees for efficient decoding 13.8 kB
inftrees.h - header to use inftrees 2.4 kB
manifest.mn 2.1 kB
minigzip.c - simulate gzip using the zlib compression library 8.0 kB
trees.c - output deflated data using Huffman coding 44.1 kB
trees.h header created automatically with -DGEN_TREES_H 8.4 kB
uncompr.c - decompress a memory buffer 2.1 kB
zconf.h - configuration of the zlib compression library 9.3 kB
zlib.h - interface of the 66.2 kB
zutil.c - target dependent utility functions for the compression library 7.2 kB
zutil.h - internal interface and configuration of the compression library 6.9 kB