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Bugs to fix:
- make content-length generation not rely on .available() returning the entire
  size of the body stream's contents -- some sort of wrapper (but how does that
  work for the unscriptable method WriteSegments, which is good to support from
  a performance standpoint?)

Ideas for future improvements:
- add API to disable response buffering which, when called, causes errors when
  you try to do anything other than write to the body stream (i.e., modify
  headers or status line) once you've written anything to it -- useful when
  storing the entire response in memory is unfeasible (e.g., you're testing
  >4GB download characteristics)
- add an API which performs asynchronous response processing (instead of
  nsIHttpRequestHandler.handle, which must construct the response before control
  returns; |void asyncHandle(request, response)|) -- useful, and can it be done
  in JS?
- other awesomeness?