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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Makefile.in 6.0 kB
README Wed Dec 2 14:35:41 EST 1998 754 Bytes
xpidl.c Main xpidl program entry point. 10.1 kB
xpidl.h Intramodule declarations. 8.6 kB
xpidl_doc.c Generates documentation from javadoc-style comments in XPIDL files. 9.5 kB
xpidl_header.c Generate XPCOM headers from XPIDL. 41.6 kB
xpidl_idl.c Common IDL-processing code. 25.3 kB
xpidl_java.c Generate Java interfaces from XPIDL. 35.8 kB
xpidl_typelib.c Generate typelib files for use with InterfaceInfo. * http://www.mozilla.org/scriptable/typelib_file 42.6 kB
xpidl_util.c Utility functions called by various backends. 31.8 kB