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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
MDC-attach.py Upload a file attachment to MDC Usage: python MDC-attach.py <file> <parent page name> <MIME type> < 532 Bytes
MDC-upload.py Upload a page to MDC Usage: python MDC-upload.py <file> <MDC-path> Please set MDC_USER and MDC_PASS 422 Bytes
Makefile.in 1.7 kB
deki.py import sys import urllib2, cookielib, httplib import xml.dom.minidom as dom from urllib import quote 11.6 kB
final.js 414 Bytes
fix-srcrefs.py Fix references to source files of the form [LOCpath] so that they are relative to a given source dir 781 Bytes
flow.js This implements the control flows-through analysis in bug 432917 4.6 kB
mayreturn.js May-return analysis. * This makes sense only for functions that return a value. The analysis * det 1.3 kB
must-override.js Detect classes that should have overridden members of their parent * classes but didn't. * * Exam 1.3 kB
outparams.js 28.6 kB
override.js NS_OVERRIDE may be marked on class methods which are intended to override * a method in a base clas 1.1 kB
stack.js A BlameChain records a chain of one or more location/message pairs. It * can be used to issue a com 5.3 kB
type-printer.cpp do nothing else 45 Bytes
type-printer.js 8.6 kB