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Storage Module Style Guidelines

These guidelines should be followed for all new code in this module.  Reviewers
will be enforcing them, so please obey them!

* All code should be contained within the namespace mozilla::storage at a
  minimum.  The use of namespaces is strongly encouraged.

* All functions being called in the global namespace should be prefixed with
  "::" to indicate that they are in the global namespace.

* The indentation level to use in source code is two spaces.  No tabs, please!

* All files should have the following emacs and vim mode lines:
  -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*-
  vim: sw=2 ts=2 et lcs=trail\:.,tab\:>~ :

* All functions that are not XPCOM should start with a lowercase letter.

* Function arguments that are not out parameters should be prefixed with a (for
  pArameter), and use CamelCase.

* Function arguments that are out parameters should be prefixed with an
  underscore and have a descriptive name.

* Function declarations should include javadoc style comments.

* For function implementations, each argument should be on its own line.

* All variables should use camelCase.

* The use of bool is encouraged whenever the variable does not have the
  potential to go through xpconnect.

* For pointer variable types, include a space after the type before the asterisk
  and no space between the asterisk and variable name.

* If any part of an if-else block requires braces, all blocks need braces.

* Every else should be on a newline after a brace.

* Bracing should start on the line after a function and class definition.

* If a return value is not going to be checked, the return value should be
  explicitly casted to void (C style cast).