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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
__init__.py 0 Bytes
builtins.py Implicit variables; perhaps in the future this will also include some implicit rules, at least match 236 Bytes
command.py Makefile execution. Multiple `makes` can be run within the same process. Each one has an entirely d 8.6 kB
data.py A representation of makefile data structures. 50.9 kB
functions.py Makefile functions. 21.0 kB
globrelative.py Filename globbing like the python glob module with minor differences: * glob relative to an arbitra 1.6 kB
parser.py import logging, re, os, bisect import data, functions, util, parserdata _log = logging.getLogger('p 31.7 kB
parserdata.py __slots__ = ('path', 'line', 'column') def __init__(self, path, line, column): self.pat 16.2 kB
process.py Skipping shell invocations is good, when possible. This wrapper around subprocess does dirty work of 7.3 kB
util.py Given an iterator that returns strings, write the words with a space in between each. 3.5 kB
win32process.py 1.0 kB