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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
MacApplicationDelegate.h 2.1 kB
MacApplicationDelegate.mm 11.4 kB
MacLaunchHelper.h 2.0 kB
MacLaunchHelper.mm 3.6 kB
Makefile.in 8.4 kB
make-platformini.py [Build] BuildID=%s Milestone=%s 966 Bytes
nsAppData.cpp 7.3 kB
nsAppRunner.cpp 101.8 kB
nsAppRunner.h 5.8 kB
nsCommandLineServiceMac.cpp 17.1 kB
nsCommandLineServiceMac.h 3.5 kB
nsConsoleWriter.cpp 3.8 kB
nsEmbedFunctions.cpp 5.2 kB
nsINativeAppSupport.idl 6.7 kB
nsIWinAppHelper.idl nsISupports 2.2 kB
nsNativeAppSupportBase.cpp nsINativeAppSupport 2.6 kB
nsNativeAppSupportBase.h public nsINativeAppSupport 2.3 kB
nsNativeAppSupportBeOS.cpp 11.3 kB
nsNativeAppSupportCocoa.mm 7.9 kB
nsNativeAppSupportDefault.cpp 2.0 kB
nsNativeAppSupportOS2.cpp 65.1 kB
nsNativeAppSupportOS2.h OS/2 DDEML library headers * For more information, please refer to the Windows documentation 11.5 kB
nsNativeAppSupportUnix.cpp 14.2 kB
nsNativeAppSupportWin.cpp 58.1 kB
nsNativeAppSupportWin.h This file has *public* stuff needed for the Win32 implementation of * the nsINativeAppSupport inter 2.6 kB
nsSigHandlers.cpp This module is supposed to abstract signal handling away from the other * platforms that do not sup 8.2 kB
nsUpdateDriver.cpp 16.9 kB
nsUpdateDriver.h 3.0 kB
nsWindowsRestart.cpp 11.9 kB
nsWindowsWMain.cpp MingW currently does not implement a wide version of the startup routines. Workaround is to impl 2.6 kB
nsXREDirProvider.cpp 39.9 kB
nsXREDirProvider.h public nsIDirectoryServiceProvider2 5.9 kB
nsXULAppAPI.h 15.0 kB
xrecore.h Import/export macros for libXUL APIs. 2.2 kB