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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
CFGrowlAdditions.c 22.9 kB
CFGrowlAdditions.h @function copyIconDataForPath * @param path The POSIX path to the file or folder whose icon you wan 4.5 kB
CFGrowlDefines.h 1.1 kB
CFMutableDictionaryAdditions.c 790 Bytes
CFMutableDictionaryAdditions.h 614 Bytes
CFURLAdditions.c 4.7 kB
CFURLAdditions.h 767 Bytes
GrowlAbstractSingletonObject.h NSObject 2.1 kB
GrowlApplicationBridge.h NSObject 29.9 kB
GrowlApplicationBridge.m ! * The 10.3+ exception handling can only work if -fobjc-exceptions is enabled 30.0 kB
GrowlDefines.h ! @header GrowlDefines.h * @abstract Defines all the notification keys. * @discussion Defines al 15.7 kB
GrowlDefinesInternal.h ! @header GrowlDefinesInternal.h * @abstract Defines internal Growl macros and types. * @ignore A 17.1 kB
GrowlPathUtilities.h NSObject 7.6 kB
GrowlPathUtilities.m 13.9 kB
GrowlPathway.h NSObject 612 Bytes
GrowlPreferencesController.h GrowlAbstractSingletonObject 3.9 kB
GrowlTicketController.h GrowlAbstractSingletonObject 704 Bytes
Makefile.in 2.1 kB
license.txt 1.5 kB