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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
.cvsignore 9 Bytes
Makefile.in 2.9 kB
nsIAbAddressCollecter.idl nsISupports 2.6 kB
nsIAbAutoCompleteListener.idl nsISupports 2.0 kB
nsIAbAutoCompleteSession.idl nsIAutoCompleteSession 2.0 kB
nsIAbBase.idl nsICollection 2.1 kB
nsIAbBooleanExpression.idl Condition types * * Constants defining the types of condition * to obtain a boolean result of TRU 4.8 kB
nsIAbCard.idl 5.7 kB
nsIAbDirFactory.idl nsISupports 2.8 kB
nsIAbDirFactoryService.idl nsISupports 2.6 kB
nsIAbDirectory.idl 7.0 kB
nsIAbDirectoryQuery.idl The arguments for a query. * * Contains an expression for perform matches * and an array of prope 7.2 kB
nsIAbDirectoryQueryProxy.idl nsIAbDirectoryQuery 2.1 kB
nsIAbDirectorySearch.idl nsISupports 3.0 kB
nsIAbLDAPAttributeMap.idl 8.9 kB
nsIAbLDAPAutoCompFormatter.idl nsILDAPAutoCompFormatter 3.7 kB
nsIAbLDAPDirectory.idl nsISupports 2.4 kB
nsIAbLDAPReplicationData.idl this service does replication of an LDAP directory to a local Mork AB Database. 3.5 kB
nsIAbLDAPReplicationQuery.idl nsISupports 3.6 kB
nsIAbLDAPReplicationService.idl nsISupports 2.4 kB
nsIAbLDIFService.idl nsISupports 3.1 kB
nsIAbListener.idl nsISupports 4.2 kB
nsIAbMDBCard.idl nsISupports 2.5 kB
nsIAbMDBDirectory.idl nsISupports 3.4 kB
nsIAbUpgrader.idl nsISupports 2.1 kB
nsIAbView.idl nsISupports 3.1 kB
nsIAddbookUrl.idl nsIURI 2.2 kB
nsIAddrBookSession.idl nsISupports 5.3 kB
nsIAddrDBAnnouncer.idl nsISupports 2.2 kB
nsIAddrDBListener.idl nsISupports 2.2 kB
nsIAddrDatabase.idl nsFileSpec is declared in nsIAbDirectory.idl 13.7 kB
nsIAddressBook.idl nsISupports 3.9 kB
nsILDAPPrefsService.idl nsISupports 3.2 kB
nsIMsgVCardService.idl nsISupports 2.9 kB