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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
.cvsignore 9 Bytes
Makefile.in 3.1 kB
nntpCore.h 7.6 kB
nsMsgNewsCID.h 5.0 kB
nsNNTPArticleList.cpp nsINNTPArticleList 4.2 kB
nsNNTPArticleList.h public nsINNTPArticleList 2.4 kB
nsNNTPNewsgroupList.cpp formerly listngst.cpp * This class should ultimately be part of a news group listing * state machi 31.8 kB
nsNNTPNewsgroupList.h formerly listngst.h * This class should ultimately be part of a news group listing * state machine 5.0 kB
nsNNTPNewsgroupPost.cpp nsINNTPNewsgroupPost 4.0 kB
nsNNTPNewsgroupPost.h 4.9 kB
nsNNTPProtocol.cpp 156.7 kB
nsNNTPProtocol.h 15.8 kB
nsNewsDownloadDialogArgs.cpp nsINewsDownloadDialogArgs 3.7 kB
nsNewsDownloadDialogArgs.h public nsINewsDownloadDialogArgs 2.3 kB
nsNewsDownloader.cpp 18.5 kB
nsNewsDownloader.h public nsIUrlListener 5.8 kB
nsNewsFolder.cpp 54.3 kB
nsNewsFolder.h Interface for representing News folders. ********************************************************* 6.9 kB
nsNewsUtils.cpp parses NewsMessageURI 3.3 kB
nsNewsUtils.h 2.3 kB
nsNntpIncomingServer.cpp 60.0 kB
nsNntpIncomingServer.h 6.0 kB
nsNntpService.cpp 58.2 kB
nsNntpService.h 4.8 kB
nsNntpUrl.cpp 11.4 kB
nsNntpUrl.h public nsINntpUrl 3.1 kB