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Manticore Browser

Manticore is a web browser embedding Gecko and Trident (IE) using the IWebBrowser2 interface exposed by each layout engine's ActiveX wrapper. The front end is written in C# using
the .NET framework. 

Build instructions:

1) install the .NET Framework SDK (download from msdn.microsoft.com) or Microsoft Visual Studio.NET. If you want to be able to build Mozilla again, make sure the "Register Environment Variables" option in the installer is unchecked. 

2) Open a console and run corvars.bat, or open the Visual Studio.NET console if you installed Visual Studio. 

3) Go to extensions\manticore and make first with the 'bindings' target. This will take quite some time, no it has not hung, let it complete. This process creates .NET compatible assemblies for the ActiveX controls.

4) Make with the 'app' target (or no target at all). This will build the FE. The FE is built optimized or debug depending on how MOZ_DEBUG is set. 

5) run 'manticore.exe'

You can debug using the CLR debugger that ships with the .NET SDK or with Visual Studio.NET provided you can get the damned project to build from within the environment. If you can figure out how to do that, please let us know! ;)

- Ben Goodger <ben@netscape.com> or David Hyatt <hyatt@netscape.com>