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This is sqlite 3.0.8.  (SQLITE_3_0_8 tag)

See http://www.sqlite.org/ for more info.

We have a mozilla-specific Makefile.in in src/ (normally no
Makefile.in there) that we use to build.

There's also a hand-written config.h in src; the only thing
sqlite wants there is SQLITE_PTR_SZ, which we define to be

We only imported the bits that we actually need for the build --
basically, the contents of the src directory, plus autogenerated files
(see below).  Note that we don't use all the files in the src dir,
but we import *.c *.h *.in for simplicity.

To move to a new version:

Update VERSION in src/Makefile.in

Update opcodes.c, opcodes.h, parse.c, parse.h, all of which are
normally generated as part of the sqlite build.  Pull these out of the
sqlite3 windows source .zip, or autoconfiscate and build a tarball and
copy them out.  Yes, this sucks, but it's better than having to build
the parser and all that goop as part of our build.

-- Vlad Vukicevic <vladimir@pobox.com> 10/2004