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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
.cvsignore 34 Bytes
Convert.cpp 8.7 kB
Makefile.in 1.9 kB
TestOutSinks.pl 3.6 kB
doctype.xif 396 Bytes
entityxif.out 100 Bytes
entityxif.xif 1.9 kB
htmltable.html HTML To Text Test Page 332 Bytes
htmltable.out 149 Bytes
mailquote.html Mail Quoting Test 1.8 kB
mailquote.out 675 Bytes
plain.html Ender Plain Text Test Page 1.6 kB
plainnowrap.out 448 Bytes
plainwrap.html Ender Plain Text Test Page 1.7 kB
plainwrap.out 449 Bytes
quotes.html 94 Bytes
simple.html Simple html page 1.7 kB
simplecopy.out 464 Bytes
simplefmt.out 574 Bytes
simplemail.html 707 Bytes
simplemail.out 585 Bytes
xifdthtml.out 102 Bytes
xifdtplain.out 38 Bytes
xifstuff.out 1.3 kB
xifstuff.xif 2.2 kB