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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ParseExpat.cpp 4.0 kB
StdAfx.cpp source file that includes just the standard includes 303 Bytes
StdAfx.h include file for standard system include files 1.3 kB
XMLDocument.cpp Implementation of CXMLDocument 6.4 kB
XMLDocument.h Declaration of the CXMLDocument 3.4 kB
XMLDocument.rgs 649 Bytes
XMLElement.cpp Implementation of CXMLElement 4.5 kB
XMLElement.h Declaration of the CXMLElement 2.7 kB
XMLElement.rgs 639 Bytes
XMLElementCollection.cpp Implementation of CXMLElementCollection 3.6 kB
XMLElementCollection.h Declaration of the CXMLElementCollection 1.5 kB
XMLElementCollection.rgs 721 Bytes
activexml.cpp Implementation of DLL Exports 2.1 kB
activexml.def Declares the module parameters 217 Bytes
activexml.dsp Win32 Debug 13.3 kB
activexml.idl IDL source for activexml 5.1 kB
activexml.rc 3.4 kB
activexmlps.def 240 Bytes
resource.h 573 Bytes