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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
OS-X Mark Pauley contributed the two launchd plist files for OS-X (10.4+) to start
README.txt Utility scripts, things contributed by users but not strictly a part of 2.3 kB
arch_buildbot.py 2.6 kB
bb_applet.py 14.5 kB
checkconfig.py 509 Bytes
darcs_buildbot.py 5.5 kB
fakechange.py This is an example of how to use the remote ChangeMaster interface, which is a port that allows a re 2.5 kB
git_buildbot.py 8.0 kB
hg_buildbot.py 1.5 kB
run_maxq.py 1.0 kB
svn_buildbot.py # set up PYTHONPATH to contain Twisted/buildbot perhaps, if not already # installed site-wide . ~/.e 8.4 kB
svn_watcher.py 3.3 kB
svnpoller.py svn.py Script for BuildBot to monitor a remote Subversion repository. Copyright (C) 2006 John Pye 3.0 kB
viewcvspoll.py Based on the fakechanges.py contrib script 3.2 kB