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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Makefile 3.4 kB
README Signing Tool (signtool) 5.5 kB
certgen.c 19.8 kB
javascript.c 45.8 kB
list.c L i s t C e r t s 7.7 kB
manifest.mn 2.0 kB
sign.c 21.7 kB
signtool.c SIGNTOOL * * A command line tool to create manifest files * from a directory hierarchy. It is a 25.8 kB
signtool.h 5.3 kB
util.c Nasty hackish function definitions 25.0 kB
verify.c V e r i f y J a r 9.3 kB
zip.c J z i p O p e n * * Opens a new ZIP file and creates a new ZIPfile structure to * control the pr 18.3 kB
zip.h zip.h * Structures and functions for creating ZIP archives. 4.3 kB