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TODOs for libical-0.16

libical treats properties with multiple values incorrecty -- it always
seperates multiple values into multiple properties. This is not
acceptable for CATEGORIES and RESOURCES.

Some TEXT valued properties, like METHOD, have a limited set of valid
values. The code should check that the values of these properites are
valid. ( Although METHOD now uses enums, and is not really TEXT valued )

Finish implementing values

Check for buffer overflow on external input. 

Error Handling

   Dates and times: the parser will accept many illegal date time

RECUR values ignore integers in BYDAY clauses, ie 'FREQ=MONTHLY;BYDAY=-1SU'

Restrictions code does not catch lack of DTEND or DURATION

For some value types, if there illegal characters in the value ( like
4.56 in an integer value), the parser will output the characters to

Check all uses of strcpy and sprinf for buffer overflows

Make the mime parsing code in sspm grow the list of parts as needed,
rather than having a hard limit.

in sspm.c, and unrecognized content-transfer-encoding values must
force a content type of application/octet-stream.