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Untracked file

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Thanks to: 

Allan Clark <allanc@atlas.platypus.bc.ca> for testing libical against

Graham Davison <g.m.davison@computer.org> for MacOS support and
miscelaneous code bits

Seth Alves <alves@hungry.com> for the first cut at the Makefile.am
files and various utility functions.

Russ Steinthal <rms39@columbia.edu> for several utility functions and

Ola Lundqvist <olalu526@student.liu.se> for the vCal test data file. 

Colin DuPlantis <colin@cp.net> for new functions in icalparser.c

Holger Schmidt <hschmidt@chronolabs.de> for all of icalcstp.c, The
CSTP protocol implementation, and modifications to icalcstp.h

Gisle Hannemyr <gisle@oslonett.no> The decode*() functions in sspm.c
are based on the decode() routine in the mimelite program, Copyright
(c) 1994 Gisle Hannemyr.

The Evolution team at Helixcode ( Federico Mena Quintero
<federico@helixcode.com>, JP Rosevear <jpr@helixcode.com>, Ettore
Perazzoli <ettore@helixcode.com>, Christopher James Lahey
<clahey@helixcode.com>, Peter Williams <peterw@helixcode.com>) for
miscelaneous patches and adjustments to the build system.

Cornelius Schumacher <schumacher@kde.org> for many insightful
suggestions and a few patches.

Mark D. Anderson <mda@discerning.com> for discussions and ideas. 

Martin Neimeier <nei@ibn.de> for correcting bugs in icalrecur.c

Tom Leitner <tom@radar.tu-graz.ac.at> For several bug fixes in
compiling on Tru64 UNIX.

Patrick Lewis <plewis@inetarena.com> for several bug reports and
substantial ( co-authorship) contributions to the Python bindings

Larry W. Virden <lvirden@cas.org> for several bug reports in compiling
on Solaris.

Bryan Bartone <bsb@mesasys.com> for code changes based on porting
libical to Windows.

Hubert V <hubertv@bigfoot.com> for checking and analyzing the output
of the recurrence rule system.

Jonathan Yue <jonathan.yue@cp.net> for  icalproperty_get_name()

Jeff Mace <jhm18@psu.edu> for finding bugs in gauges. 

John Gray <gray@agora-net.com> for routing memory leaks, porting to
WIN32, and taking over leadership of the project.