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Building the library

This distribution is developed on Red Hat Linux 6.0 and usually
compiles on SunOS 5.6 and FreeBSD 2.27. I have reports of success of
previous version on MacOS ( with CodeWarrior ) and on UnixWare, but I
don't know about any other systems.

The library is configured with automake. From the root directory, run 


To build all of the Makefiles for your system. If you will be installing the library, you may want to use the --prefix flag to set the directory where the library and header files will be installed. 

	./configure --prefix=/proj/local/

If configure runs fine, run "make" to build the library and 
"make install" to install it.

The current version of libical focuses on creating and
manipulating iCal objects. With it, you can parse text representations
of iCal components, add and remove sub-components, properties,
parameters and values, and print the components back out as strings.