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This directory contains the source XML file for the API documentation.  On UNIX-
like systems, type "make" in this directory to generate HTML documentation.  
Users of non-UNIX systems will have to run parse_apidoc.pl by hand, or submit a
patch to fix the Makefile.  See the Makefile for details.

Once the HTML files are generated, visit the <sparse-frameset.html> or
<complete-frameset.html> files in this directory for one-entry-at-a-time and
all-in-one framesets.

APIDOC output can also be browsed in two separate windows.  Open
<gen/sparse-toc.html> in one window.  Click on any API entrypoint to open a new
window.  The new window will be re-used when you choose a different entrypoint.

This documentation is available online at

The version of parse_apidoc.pl included here was copied from
<http://lxr.mozilla.org/mozilla/source/webtools/apidoc/parse_apidoc.pl> on
05/13/2002.  See <http://www.mozilla.org/projects/apidoc/> for details on